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What exactly is black twitter?

Black Twitter is a cultural identity comprising the African-American Twitter users. In other words, it is a virtual community that addresses the issues of the black community. It originated from the black American members, hence strongest in America though it has gained popularity in Africa too especially in South Africa.

The first published comments on the black twitter were in the year 2008 by blogger Anil Dash. He developed the Twitter memes such as #BlackCelebsBeLike and #GrowingUpBlack. In the year 2010, the term gained popularity after Farhad Manjo wrote an article about how black people use black twitter. It was in the sense of his observation that young black people formed tight clusters and tended to follow and retweet each other more.

The main cause of the increased attention of the Black Twitter is the fight against racism. The community protested to companies selling products from Paula Deen, who was accused of racism. This and many more incidences of condemning racism have been the reason for the growth of the community.

Popular black twitter sites:
runrap black twitter

Michael Jordan Hates Hip Hop? Allegedly

Hip hop and basketball often go together like a hand and glove. Over the years, several rappers have forged friendships with NBA stars, even starting their own rap careers. It’s pretty safe to assume that most NBA stars are fans of rap and hip hop. Not so much for the greatest play of all time – Michael Jordan. According to rapper Noreaga, the former Chicago Bulls legend declared how much he hates hip hop at a Def Jam Christmas party.


Sure, the question arises – why was Michael Jordan at a hip hop party if he hates hip hop? Noreaga claims that rappers Redman and Method Man approached Jordan at the party but were ignored by him. Then he later announced to a group of fans that he was not a fan. The question remains – why was he there?

It was also reported that he only likes Jay Z and only spoke to him at the party. Allegedly, he was overheard making explicit remarks towards rap. The story has us asking questions of the NBA legend. We don’t want to believe that it’s true. However, Jordan has the freedom to feel the way he does. Say it isn’t so!

Drake & Meek Mill: No Real Problems

Lately, rappers Drake and Meek Mill have dissed each other on several tracks. French Montana spoke on Larry King Now about his thoughts on the feud and that hey don’t have “a real problem”. It’s his belief that it is just a sport. French Montana compared their feud to sparring and pointed out that neither rapper has been harmed due to this beef. At the end of the day, it is just a competition. Nothing happens and nobody gets hurt. French Montana says that it conjures up excitement for the game.

Meek Mill1

It’s been almost 10 months since Meek Mill stated that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. And then the feud commenced. Disses are still being exchanged, including the rappers taking shots at each other at concerts. It appears that this feud will never end. They both want the other to know there is no love there. But why? Fans aren’t even sure anymore, particularly since Meek Mill used to like Drake. But now the rappers are on separate pages. Whatever else happens between them, we will be watching.

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Chief Keef – Traumatized (new song)

Chief Keef just released a new song produced by Metro Boomin.

Considering that Keef’s announced their collaboration on EP entitled “Peacocks, Peacoats, Flavor & Paper”, that is yet to see the light of day, “Traumatized” can be seen as a remainder that the project is still on-going. Metro’s work on this one is amazing and provides just the right amount of dark atmosphere for a track themed around Keef’s bragging about traumatizing anybody who wants beef.

Chief Keef1

This instrumental fits perfectly with Keef’s lazy and somewhat hard-to-comprehend delivery and lyrics like “seventeen shots in this 45-50 in the Glock, hundred in the chop, let’s see how many kills we can get Black Ops“. With just one short verse and a hook, it can also be interpreted as a freestyle and the fact that instrumental was already used by Young Thug for his “Warrior” song favors that idea. But nevertheless, the substance is not lacking and the song is undoubtedly hot.


Chief Keef2

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